06 March 2011

Mailbox extension

Posted by ggWes at Reddit.


  1. In-genius. My mailbox was knocked off the post months ago and is embedded in a several foot high pile of ice and packed snow.

  2. I love this photo. Kudos to the person who designed this. I'll bet their mail carrier loves them.

  3. As a mail carrier, I laughed.
    Then I grew irritated. Keep the area around your postbox clean from snow goddammit! We lose half a minute or more for every postbox where we have to crawl out of cars etc to put the mail in the postbox, and with several hundred boxes per day it adds up!

  4. It would be less work to simply shovel the snow away from the box. Why don't people think of that? For some reason they think that if the plow didn't move it, neither can they. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


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