31 March 2011

Little-known facts about bottled water

A non-sponsored infographic - for obvious reasons.

Image source.


  1. I love this! But, it must be wrong. Bottled water must be better because it costs so much more.

  2. I can't seem to re-blog your posts (posterous is where my blog is). When I try I just get a blank box.....do you know why?

  3. pambamboo, I have no idea why you're encountering that difficulty; my blog is no different from any other, and I certainly don't do anything to discourage reblogging.

    In the case of this particular post, the image is not embedded in the post, but hotlinked from the source, so if you tried to copy/paste the text+image, you wouldn't get the image.

    Now that you mention it, I notice that I did leave out the source link for the image, so I've put that in now. You should be able to go to the source, copy the image or hotlink it, and insert it in your blog.

  4. Thanx for responding. I went a little deeper (Inception!) and find I cannot re-post any of your entries! So I went to a few other blogs that are blogger hosted (like Superpunch) and have no trouble re-posting from them. Weird......

  5. OK.....by right clicking on the image and saving it to my desktop I could do a workaround and blog this fabulous graphic! Thanx for the help....


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