23 March 2011

Lawsuits over severed feet

Excerpts from a post at Lowering the Bar (a blog of "legal humor"):
The defendant in this case said she did not intend to cause the plaintiff any pain by stealing his foot, and that seems plausible since it wasn't attached at the time. The plaintiff was quite seriously injured in a 2008 crash on I-95 in Florida, and had to be airlifted to a hospital. About an hour later, the defendant, a firefighter/paramedic who had been called to the scene, found the foot in the wreckage [and took it home with her]. She had a perfectly good explanation for why she did that, though, saying that her dog was, or she was training it to be, a "body-recovery dog" that could assist when responding to disasters.
Here's the second case:
... a 2007 incident in which John Wood was trying to get his leg back from Shannon Whisnant. Whisnant found the leg inside a barbecue smoker he bought at an auction, and quickly realized he had a publicity gold mine on his hands. Wood got upset when he learned Whisnant was charging people to look at his former part (this happened in rural North Carolina, where they may be a little short on entertainment), and a custody battle followed.
A hat tip to Mark Whybird for emailing me the link.


  1. ...and the race to the bottom just keeps picking up speed.

  2. Hey! There's me!

    (the submitter, not in a story)

  3. I love that you have a tag for "severed feet" and so many results.

  4. I started my blog about the same time that the "epidemic" of them washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest began, so I blogged a couple case reports and started a category. I never expected it to keep growing.


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