19 March 2011


Miss Cellania locates the best flash games.  Her latest find, posted at Neatorama, is "Jorinapeka," which requires you to come up with path-finding strategies.  I've found that it takes about a minute to play a level, so total game time is about 10-20 minutes.

The goal is to clear the colored circles from the pattern, but not necessarily in the shortest time or with the fewest moves; it seems that a long path generates more points than a quick completion of the level.  The most valuable strategy seems to be the creation of extra moves.  There are several "bonuses" - the four at left are the only ones I've found.  As with many such games, the music is repetitive and annoying, but overall the game is a pleasant diversion.

All these images are screencaps.  To play the game, go to this link.

Addendum:  New personal best score 9754 (couldn't clear level 23 in five moves, embedded above) -
- after reading the tips from "anonymous" in the comments section.  And wasting many, many hours...


  1. Wow, one of the reasons I like this game is the music! Meanwhile, I haven't had enough free time to get good at it, BUT I finally broke a thousand points.

  2. Clearing 10 bubbles in one turn (not counting the one you start on) gives you an extra life.

    I haven't played enough, but it seems to me that long strings with colored bubbles in them give you extra bonus points.

    Clearing a full row or column or clearing all the colored bubbles in one go gives you extra bonus points as well.

    Empty spaces are filled by the bubbles above dropping down, so you can predict partially how the board will look like after each turn, you will need to pay attention to this to finish some levels.

    Always try to find strings of 11 (or more) and you will easily get to 5000, trust me. (Just make sure you keep enough lives to finish the level, try not to get stuck.)

  3. Darn you anon - I had work to do tonight!

    But following your suggestions, I did break 5,000. Thanks.

  4. Hello, it's anon again. ;)

    Shortly after releasing the game the author of the game changed the grid from 8x8 to 7x7. (Use google images and you will see some screenshots of the old version.)

    Unfortunately this makes a whole lot of difference. On 7x7 it's just much harder to make long strings and you will bust much more easily. (You only need 10 instead of 11 for a new life, but that's not enough compensation.)

    I consistently got over 5000 on the bigger grid (without even trying that hard), on the smaller one you need luck to reach even that much, let alone more.

    This has unfortunately ruined the game for me and I have quit playing it. (Was a great passtime at work ;))

  5. Interesting, anon. I wish I could try the 8x8 version.


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