13 March 2011


The weather forecast calls for temperatures to rise to the upper 40s, then perhaps into the 50s, this week.  The former is consistent with clean-out-your-garage weather, and the latter would be start-the-spring-yard-chores temperatures.  Besides, I need a break from blogging. 

Those who are hungry for more material from this blog are cordially invited to explore the back pages, most of which have similar material to the recent front pages.  The easiest way to do that is to make use of the "Blog Archive" at the bottom of the right sidebar.

I'll be back in 4-5 days.


  1. Enjoy, I think I will as well.

  2. I read this and was about to book a flight to wherever you are, but then I realized that you're American and meant Fahrenheit. Not cool, man.


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