19 March 2011


“Empailles” (Straw man) wearing a costume made of a jute bag stuffed with straw and scary mask walk through the streets of Evolene during a traditional carnival procession March 6, 2011. “Empailles” along with “Peluche” who wear costumes made of animal skins and masks invade the streets of the village and scare residents with their broomsticks or their bells during carnival.
This gives me an idea for next Halloween.  After which I can use the straw to mulch the garden...

Photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images.  Found at ABC World News, via Found here.


  1. Wow, that's considerably more disturbing than most ethnic monster costumes I've seen.

    Although my second thought is that it must be very, very flammable, and there's no way they can get it off quickly. Hope there are fire extinguishers along the parade route.

  2. My first thought was that this must be itchy as all get out and hot. I guess the hot could be good or bad depending on the locale during carnivale.

    Mel V. brings up a good point about flammability. That could be good for your Halloween costume - you could be an "Empailles" and a friend could be a Bic lighter and chase you. You could expand that and bring in a third person to be the fire extinguisher.

  3. Hmmm, perhaps using styrofoam peanuts? Should be lighter weight and not itchy, but still hot. Don't know about flammability, but that's a significant concern with the straw.



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