20 March 2011

374 steps

""Montagne de Bueren" een kaarsrechte trap van 374 treden die vanuit het centrum naar de Citadel leidt, Luik, België 1914.  (Click for bigger)

From the Memory of the Netherlands website, which apparently has 509,000 objects from 85 institutions.  I haven't had time to search it, but I suspect it would be a rich source of interesting material.

Via First Time User.

Addendum: twellve found a recent photo of the same stairs:
Photo: Jos Van de Velde


  1. You mean like this marvy pic of dogs climbing pool ladders and diving off the board?!


    Those wacky Dutch. Fun link, thanks!

  2. Thank you, twellve. I've added that photo to the post.

  3. Liège is actually situated in the French-speaking part of Belgium.


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