21 November 2022

Late-breaking Tooth Fairy news

 Somehow I missed this announcement three months ago:
According to findings of the 2022 Original Tooth Fairy Poll® released by Delta Dental, the Tooth Fairy visited 79% of homes across the country with children ages 6-12 who have lost teeth. Most kids are demonstrating patience for the Tooth Fairy’s visit, with more than half of parents (61%) reporting that their child waited for their loose tooth to fall out, unlike 18% of their children that pulled their own tooth...

Since 1998, Delta Dental has been analyzing the Tooth Fairy's U.S. annual giving trends. The 2022 Original Tooth Fairy Poll® indicates the Tooth Fairy's average cash gift reached $5.36 per tooth, an all-time high in the 24-year history of the poll. This year’s value of a lost tooth has more than quadrupled since the inception of the Original Tooth Fairy Poll® when the value of a lost tooth was $1.30. 
$7.36 — The Northeast: Continues to lead U.S. regions in highest average monetary gift for a lost tooth, rocketing $2 above the national average and marking a $1.64 gain over the previous year’s results.
$5.77 — The South: Continues to track most closely to the overall U.S. average and shows a $1.32 increase.
$4.27 — The Midwest: Although lower than the national average, up 61 cents.
$4.08 — The West: Represents the only U.S. region with a downward giving trend, with the average monetary gift for a lost tooth plunging by $1.46.


  1. I made the mistake of giving my oldest $10 because I didn't have change. Two kids and some foster kids later and I haven't turned back. The point is, always keep six bucks in quarters around the house. Sometimes two teeth come out per week. Always be prepared.

  2. The prologue here: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/605/kid-logic has more important tooth fairy news.

    1. I remember that episode. It was definitely chuckleworthy.

  3. _other_ important news, not _more_ important news.


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