09 November 2022

Comments sent to public school boards 2021-2022

"You are forcing them to wear masks for no reason in this world other than control. You will pay dearly."

"If you have that diaper on your face: if he farted, could you smell it? That’s how stupid this is. We’re all playing games here with people’s lives, and I’m sick of it. There’s hell coming. There’s hell coming, and I’m not doing it to threaten anybody. But there’s a lot of good guys out there ready to do bad things."

"My children will not come to school on Monday with a mask on. All right? That’s not happening. And I will bring every single gun loaded—I’ll see y’all on Monday."

"Your life is being laid bare on the dark web. I don’t condone what’s gonna be sent to those close to you or the danger they may be in, but you personally do deserve it."

"You like to inject children with poison without their parental consent. I have a syringe full of anthrax to inject into you. You will shake and you will no longer breathe."

"Every single one of you needs to step down. Your ideology is failing this country and our children. Get it through your fucking head, people don’t like this shit. You’re gonna create a civil war, and you’re going to fucking lose."

"Heil Hitler."
From the May 2022 issue of Harper's Magazine.


  1. More than one friend of mine has said: "I finally got Covid, and it was nothing - just a flu. I'm not taking any more vaccines." Because I want to remain friends, I refrain from pointing out that they might be alive now only because they did take the vaccines.

    When did the IQ's plummet?

  2. Joe, when I first heard a parent years ago say they wouldn't vaccinate their kids, not for religious reasons but disbelief in their validity, I was shocked.
    Now I hear people badmouth vaccines I'm not surprised. This crap q-anon et al have spread about Covid vaccines has prompted a resurgence in resistance to kids shots that saved so many lives. Most parents of young children are too young to remember the terror of polio, no less smallpox and the other killers. It's a damn shame their kids will pay the price.

  3. After 9/11, many similar letters were sent to schools and the school board in my district regarding teaching about Islam (in a middle school world cultures class that covered the major world religions for a week). I recall that several students were sent to my class from world cultures because their parents insisted that children should not be exposed anything regarding Islam and would not allow their children to learn about such things. The irony was that these children were sent to my class, which was, wait for it, an algebra class.

    1. LOL.

      And did you (horrors) expose those children to Arabic numerals?

    2. I'm afraid I did, on a daily basis...

  4. I highly recommend: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extraordinary_Popular_Delusions_and_the_Madness_of_Crowds


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