11 November 2022

Remembering Gallagher

American readers of this blog who are of a certain age will very likely remember watching Gallagher on television in the 1980s.  He started his career as a conventional stand-up comedian, making use of his collegiate studies as an English major (!) to regale his audience with the oddities of the language...
"Con is the opposite of pro.  So Congress must be the opposite of progress."
And so on.  Then he found his shtick in physical comedy, and parlayed that into a series of television specials.

Reposted from 2017 in his memory after his death this week.


  1. I never could understand his appeal.

  2. I loved him! I bet you don't like the Stooges either.
    Our local University built a new performing arts center and for some insane reason booked Gallagher as the very first act.
    He managed to splash something up above the proscenium - which was too high for any of the theaters equipment to reach. The stain stayed there for 15-20 years before they could justify repainting

  3. I bet he could have his own YouTube channel if he was still around.

    1. He *is* still around. He's become almost Ted Nugent-like in his conservatism, and it's creeped into his performances.

  4. Loved his shows to see how different items would come apart under the hammer. But rocky, I hated the 3 Stooges unnecessary violence against humans.

  5. That clip made me laugh just as I did dozens of times over the years.
    Always a favorite and we shared a birthday.
    I never knew until these comments that he changed. How sad.

  6. Guilty as charged (by extension), always hated The Stooges. Gallagher makes me want to use the mallet on Gallagher. But, I guess I won't say such a thing, as he's passed on, and all such as that.


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