04 June 2021

"Tornado Alley" moving east

"Meteorology professor Victor Gensini of Northern Illinois University and Harold Brooks of NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory tracked the number of tornado reports from 1979 to 2017, while also investigating regional trends in the daily frequency of tornado-environment formation over the same time period, using an index known as the Significant Tornado Parameter (STP). Frequently used for predicting severe weather, the index captures the coexistence of atmospheric ingredients favorable for producing tornadoes. Both the number of actual tornado reports and the historical STP analysis showed the eastward uptick in tornado frequency."


  1. We here in North Central Texas are still plagued with tornadoes, not noting any decrease in the number from year to year.

  2. just as long as it stays away from my teensy-weensy state!


  3. This Arkansan feels compelled to point out to the cartographer that AK is Alaska, Arkansas is AR. Carry on.


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