28 June 2021

This "super soaker" squirts champagne

Rich people have $500 toys like this.  Because they can.
Beautiful and stylish decoration, to display any magnum bottle of champagne on a bar or dining table, or can be used as a centerpiece.
The champagne gun was designed to be used with magnum sized bottles (1.5 liters). Although most champagne bottles will fit your gun, there are a few exceptions; Specialty brands magnum (1.5 liters) bottles such as Ace of Spades, Dom Perignon, Cristal, Ruinart will not fit the Champagne Gun.

Pic via Uncrate



  1. Replies
    1. Exactly! This beauty ought to shoot golden bullets, not some gross fermented grape juice.

  2. A bit more knowledge on the Super Soaker I wasn't aware of: https://imgur.com/gallery/CvFbRqf


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