08 June 2021


I'm going to leave cyberspace for at least a week - probably two - to see what's happening in real life.


  1. I would object, but then I remember, "intermittently" is right in the name of the blog.

  2. What you are going to discover is that reality can no longer be identified, to any useful level of confidence. Instead there are a variety of unrealities, the choice among which can only be made on a basis of taste. In this environment, adaptability (which will still be a crucial advantage) consists of the ability to jump between different unrealities. People who get stuck in a single unreality run the risk of its winking out of pseudoexistence, without warning, and taking them with it.

    1. Frank: I love it. You original thoughts? Or a quote from something?

  3. I enjoy learn from and your blog. Hope your week off is refreshing.

  4. Enjoy your well-earned time off. You will be missed, but the fact that you will return refreshed and over-flowing with interesting facts and information makes it bearable.

  5. Do what's best for you. We'll be here when you come back.

  6. I occasionally need time off from blogging to let my carpal tunnel to recover.


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