18 June 2021

Thrift store treasure

"A painting by David Bowie purchased last summer at a donation centre in rural Ontario for $5 is expected to fetch upward of $12,000 at auction this coming week. The semi-abstract portrait by the Changes singer is a small acrylic and computer collage on canvas, dated 1997, with Bowie’s signature on the reverse.

The painting is titled DHead XLVI. It was found in a Goodwill shop in South River, Ont., a village some three hours north of Toronto. The identity of the portrait subject is unknown, and the name of the painting’s owner has not been revealed.


  1. Just because Bowie did it shouldn't make it worth more than the $5. It's dreadful. Looks like it wasn't even half finished.

  2. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/647735/david-bowie-painting-auction

    With two days left in the auction, the latest bid is $60,000.

    And what pleases me most is (according to Boing Boing) that she bought it because she liked it.

  3. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/647735/david-bowie-painting-auction

    With 2 days remaining in the auction, the latest bid is over $60,000. I wouldn't pay that much for it but for $5, it would be on my wall. The colors remind me of copper/bronze returning to its natural state and the face would take on a visage based on my current mood.

    The official video of "Look Back in Anger" uses his self-portrait as a prop while displaying his varied artistic talents to
    give a 'shout out' Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

    btw it is Dennis


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