09 April 2021

World's longest fingernails get trimmed


  1. I have so many questions.
    How did she get forks out of the drawer?
    If she dropped a pen? It a quarter? Or her bank card?
    How did she text?
    Or use a q-tip?
    Or type in a number on the ATM?
    How did she pump gas?
    Sanitize after visiting the bathroom?

    If she wanted to signal that she wanted her check at a restaurant...?

    How did she eat in a restaurant?

    Could she hold a sandwich?

    Or throw a frisbee?

    Or iron?

    How did she pour her detergent?

    Or give a tip to the valley?

    Sign in at the doctor's office?

    And most importantly, how in the world did she go to tywkiwdbi dot com?!?!?

  2. I can't help but believe this is a sort of mental health issue, perhaps kind of like hoarding.

    I would think that a person grows their fingernails that long to attract attention of some sort. Indeed, it would make functioning in normal society virtually impossible. Of course, I would imagine that going out in public is just the sort of thing such a person would do, since it brings attention.

    It's a free country, but it sure seems that she went out of her way to make life weird and difficult.

    1. I would hope she derived some income from displaying them or making public appearances, or selling the cut nails to Guinness. She certainly created a purpose for her life, and achieved a personal fame of sorts, which probably was satisfying for her.


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