17 April 2021

Correlation between vaccination status and political affiliation

Predictable and self-explanatory.  Detailed discussion at The New York Times.


  1. The least vaccinated States have something else in common - fewer cases per capita.

    1. How do you come up with a statement like that?? Are you just making it up, or are you parroting some Twitter comment?

      Here is a ranking of states from most cases per capita to least (as of April 26) -


      MOST cases per capita: North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Tennessee, Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma.... etc etc

      FEWEST cases per capita: Hawaii, Vermont, Puerto Rico, Oregon, Maine, Washington, District of Columbia... etc etc

      I haven't found a graph correlating cases per capita with & population vaccinated, but I can't believe it would match your allegation. Show me a source. With data.

    2. I've been thinking about your statement, and I think I have an explanation. What I think you saw/read/heard is a comparison of

      1) the states with the fewest vaccinated people and
      2) the states with the fewest cases of covid

      There would be a correlation because both correlate with population. New York and California will be high in cases and vaccinated people, Utah and Wyoming will be low in both. If that's what you saw/read, it was created intentionally to mislead people, because it's nonsense. Rates have to be corrected to per capita numbers.


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