12 April 2021

Dye reveals presence of a rip current

Beach umbrella and people (dots) for scale.  More at The Washington Post.

Addendum:  video of beachgoers forming a human chain to rescue someone caught in a rip current.  Commentary at the link about why this technique is often not effective, and sometimes dangerous.


  1. It also reveals why they tell you to swim parallel to the shore to get out of one.
    Wow! is that sharply defined!

  2. Also the water in the current looks much calmer on the surface then the water left or right of the current therefore luring swimmers who tend to look for calm waters into the current or so I have heard. I really like that picture.

  3. Most importantly: STAY CALM!

    If you ever end up in open water floating somewhere, realize that floating and treading water cost WAY less energy than swimming, let alone swimming against a current - which you can't, so don't try.

    The first time alone in big open water can be quite intimidating, but stay calm, and figure out what your best strategy is.

    Oh, and realize that most underwater life is not interested in eating you - not even jaws, so don't worry about them.


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