30 June 2019

So what is all this then ??? - updated

Photographed last week in north-central Minnesota, these painted decoys were clustered in a drainage ditch beside a rural highway, not close to any populated area.

I presume this is a whimsical art installation.  It certainly provided an unexpected diversion during a long drive.

Updated 2019:

It's still there.  I drove by it again on my way up north last week.

The location is here, along Highway 27 northeast of Lake Mille Lacs.


  1. I love stuff like this! I used to take seashells up to the mountains, and leave them near streams for kids to find and wonder over~

  2. This made my day! Good on you.

  3. I live in Florida, so there is no way in the world I'd want to get in a drainage ditch down here. Not only can you reasonably expect alligators, but also, due to warm water, you might even catch whatever it is that goes up your nose and eventually can kill you.

    I am interested in knowing if you folks up north would have any issue with getting in this drainage ditch (assuming the water is clean, etc.). Are there animals, _perhaps snakes or otherwise) that should make on fearful of going in the water up north? Also, about how cold/warm is the water in summer? Thank you! Just wanting to know how it works.

    1. Personally I wouldn't have any fear about wading into a drainage ditch; the risks would be leeches and a bazillion mosquitoes. But why swim there when you can't turn around without falling into a proper lake?


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