04 June 2019

Cat hair and dryer lint

Based on something I read somewhere, I decided to repurpose an empty suet feeder by stuffing it with wads of dryer lint and cat fur (harvested humanely with a comb).

Yesterday I was rewarded by seeing a hummingbird hovering at the dangling feeder, pulling some fibers out, dropping them, then selecting some others that she flew away with.

I don't know which she chose; the contents of the feeder are poked in at random (I should probably arrange it with one offering on the left, the other on the right).  Does anyone know from experience which she preferred?

Addendum:  A tip of the blogging hat to reader Wild Birds Unlimited Mid-Michigan for commenting that dryer lint is not recommended as material to offer birds for nesting.


  1. Dryer lint is a no no for nesting material: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/providing-nest-material-for-birds-dos-donts/

  2. Roving (unprocessed sheep wool) is popular with the birds in my neighborhood, I've heard that horse hair is as well.


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