09 June 2019

Divertimento #164

Yet another gif-fest.  About 50 bookmarked in the past 6 weeks

"My niece has her bird trained to attack anyone she screams at"
Cleaning solar panels
"When your inheritance goes from 100% to 50%
Bus driver saves child from major trauma
Truck makes use of "runaway semi ramp" 
Truck tips over and crashes.  Not a tragedy....
Trash cans have hidden depths

Nature and Science
Earthquake dampers
Saharan sand snake
Cave floods during rainstorm.  Size scale at end.
Brain-eating amoeba at a popular swimming hole
Natural soap in a plant.  Info in comment here.
Conservation of angular momentum (re Olympic figure-skating)
Magnetic field viewer
How to describe this??
Exhibit at a children's museum

"Humans being bros"
Beluga returns dropped cellphone
Sea horse giving birth
The awesome, unbelievable speed of a grizzly bear 
Man gives water to thirsty cobra
Wolf tracked with GPS
Cat being a cat
Circus elephants reunited after 22-year separation
Gardener gets some help
Blanket octopus
Bioluminescent plankton in the Netherlands
Green dragontail butterfly
Dragonhead caterpillar
Cayman enters swimming pool to attack humans

Sports and athleticism
High school sprinter Matt Boling
Skateboard competitor
Basketball buzzer-beater
"Dead spot" on a tennis court

Impressive or clever
Bird swallows (four) fish.
"Flow" beehive
Leveling tiles
How to control a coin flip
How to move stuff from hi-rise apartments
Spiral binder
Manipulating rings
Tattoo with UV-responsive ink

Amazon driver delivers package, then steals it
Teenager intentionally damages statuary
Man launches his boat.  And his car.
How not to bash a pinata

Sloth waves thank-you to human bro
Lady gets her hair colored green
Hard to describe in a few words... 
Unexpected gender reveal method
Buster Keaton compilation

Embedded images harvested from MapswithoutAustralia


  1. Last map: Never knew Finland was part of Australia ...


  2. no link here: "When your inheritance goes from 100% to 50%

  3. "Dead spot" on a tennis court - links to the magnetic viewer.

  4. Alas, the "when your inheritance goes from 100% to 50%" link is, at least on my tablet, blocked. Odd.

  5. Links fixed. Thanks to my proofreading readers.

  6. In London in the 1980s I went to an Australian dentist who had on the wall of her surgery a map entitled 'Kelly's Corrective Map of the World' and in it Australia was in the top left hand corner - bloody strines!

    1. Svalbard mislabeled, but otherwise nicely done. And blogworthy. Tx.

    2. Didn't have a pelican that regularly visited the window, did he? And an aquarium?



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