30 June 2019

"Contact lenses" used by morticians to keep eyelids closed

Via the Specialized Tools subreddit.


  1. These are especially important in the realm of eye banking. Corneal transplants are the most common transplant surgery performed in the US, and the donor tissue is obtained from people who are deceased. We are very fortunate in the US to have an overabundance of donor tissue - other countries often face dire shortages. When a whole globe is obtained from a donor (so that the transplanted tissue can be later selected out and processed), the eye socket appears to shrink down/collapse. Devices like this help keep the shape of the eyelids for the family to view their loved one in as undisturbed a state as possible.

    1. I didn't know that. Thank you, Amy. You learn something every day.

  2. I have had occasion to try to close the eyes of the recently deceased. It's not nearly as easy as they make it look in the movies.


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