10 April 2019

One-sixth of the U.S. population lives in this megalopolis

More information about the Northeast megalopolis.



  1. Mega-City One


  2. Ranked at number 5 on my list of reasons for leaving New Zealand's largest city and moving to a provincial town was safety, the safety offered by not being around large numbers of people.
    The old adage of not putting all your eggs in one basket doesn't really seem a polite choice of phrase, but surely, with regards terrorism in the last few decades (and especially here in New Zealand recently) having ones eggs spread out makes far better sense ?

  3. This is why I refer to this section of the country the "East Coast Elite Corridor." Leaders living within this band seem to believe they represent the entire United States with a large portion of the degreed population as well as having vast wealth. Indeed, most of the US national broadcast television stations are headquartered here as are the Boston Herald, the New York Times, and the Washington Post - powerful and influential print media giants. IMHO, the East and West Coasts of America are the New Babylon.

  4. Its formal name, which I learned in college in the 60’s, is BOSWASH.

  5. PS: I moved to the middle in 1972, and never left. No regrets.


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