27 April 2019

McDonald's menu in 1973

Not that long ago.  Some relevant discussion here.


  1. I miss simple menus like this. In-n-out's still basically is, but everywhere else there are so many options and so many pictures, I just get overwhelmed.

  2. Among items and ideas not displayed on the menu:
    - no happy meals (or any kind of meal) - more flavors of shakes than soda (the orangeade was non-carbonated)
    - every burger was grilled within 5 minutes of the customer's order
    - no breakfast menu
    - no drive-through service

  3. if you don't consider 46 years not so long ago, then sure. Wow look at the price points on some of the items. It would cost me a buck fifty-one for a milk share, large fries and royale with cheese.

    of course the thing people leave out when they say "that would only cost $1.51 in X year" is what was that in today's dollars? Probably not the almost $10 you'd spend today but perhaps closer than we think.

    1. If you go to the link I provided ("some relevant discussion here"), you can find some inflation-adjusted numbers, including comparative minimum wages. In the early 1970s I was earning about $2.00/hour.

  4. I believe this would have been about the time that Steve Martin, then just starting out as a comedian, led an entire audience out of the club where he was performing--none other than Nashville's legendary Exit/In--and down the street to McDonald's where he ordered three hundred burgers then abruptly changed it to one order of fries.
    That McDonald's is now gone and I believe what's in its place is a Krispy Kreme, so one could say the menu has really changed.


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