28 April 2019

Divertimento #163

A gif-fest again.  These are all new finds this month

"How I put on my prosthetic leg" (informed discussion in the comment thread)

Working with clay

Throwing an axe

Mechanized flytrap

Zangbeto is a Gambian religious dance

Remote-controlled flying fish

Cop tries to plant drugs, then realizes dashcam is running

Hair styling (tips in the comment thread)

How tiny beads are threaded (explained in comments)

Throwing a fishing net

Log barge unloads its cargo

How barbed wire is deployed 

Rolled ice cream

A dad trick.   "Pay attention, and you can have whatever's under the cup..."

Nature and Science

Six-pack rings made with barley and wheat instead of plastic

Hiking in Iceland

Tree canopy (also illustrates contact inhibition of growth, I think)

Visual demonstration that the external angles of a polygon total 360 degrees 

A reminder that a triangle can have three right angles

Blue-footed booby 


Therapy dog learns about tennis balls

Dog paddling

Dog on a skateboard

Dog joins owner in chair

Border collie saves a puppy

Puppy allowed on a bed for the first time


Cats re-enact a famous movie scene

What a cat does all day

Cat in the laundry room

Young elephants vying for alpha male status

Precision flying


Peaceful green pond 

Farmer spares Southern Lapwing's nest (and note the claws on her wings)

Sports and athleticism

Unbelievable jump (slo-mo)

I don't know what to call this

Precision walking competition

3 professional soccer players vs. 100 children

Tinikling dance 

Stick-handling skills

The importance of aerodynamics in bicycling

Impressive or clever

Great costume

Alien abduction costume

Backing out of a parking space

Awesome trick with beer

How to dice an onion

Here's a job I wouldn't want to have

Bath mat changes color when wet


Paper toy

World's longest sea cable car ride (details)


Girl tries to cut her hair into bangs

Do-it-yourself lip enhancement

Child accidentally beheads her cake

How not to crack a walnut

Child learns about onions

Can patients be transported by horse?  No.


Accidental kiss

Happy, happy cows

Classic Looney-Toons cartoon

A dog gets adopted

Dad skills

"Down you go" (licks paw)

Block-stacking (this may be a repeat, but if so, it's worth repeating...)

Embedded photos show the insides of golf balls, credit James Freedman, via MyModernMet. More photos here.


  1. and all along i was thinking those images were of opened ice cream containers. :-) :-)


  2. I thought they were cut horizontal cakes .... well, the first 3 and the last 2 ... and plan to emulate them.


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