31 October 2018

Our Halloween decoration this year

Minimalistic, but totally effective.  As soon as the trick-or-treat official hours began at 4:30, a bunch of kids began to gather around the balloon.  They were waving to friends and parents to "look at this," and they certainly didn't need the explanatory note on the grate, which says "WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE, GEORGIE."  (cultural reference)

I watched from a window in the house as neighbors went by, taking photos of the balloon, taking videos of the balloon, and getting down on all fours to peer into the grate.

Next year I'd like to print a big photo of Pennywise to put at the bottom of the stormwater chamber.  Ideally, I'd like to put a speaker down there to talk to people from the house and ask for Help! and "please reach down through the grating..."  Not sure how to do that.


  1. Walkie talkie. You won't be able to hear them with it since they aren't duplex but you could probably figure out a way to get a microphone in the vicinity.

    cell phone. Just buy a cheap $20 cell phone at the grocery store and a 200 minutes of cell service. It should last long enough for the evening. Just fial your own phone with it befor you put it under the grate.

    the only problem might be if the grate is a metal box that doesn't let the radio waves out. You might be able to connect the antenna to the grate itself.

    If you put a poster you will need a light. an inexpensive low wattage flashlight should work.

  2. Lower a battery-powered Bluetooth speaker that you can connect to your phone via bluetooth.

    I have a small one that fits on my palm and is powerful. Holds enough juice for 3ish hours of use.

  3. when i saw the photo, i took it to be that the kid from 'the red balloon' film had fallen down in to the drain.



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