13 December 2015

There are now baby tortoises in the Galapagos

There hadn't been one single baby tortoise sighting in more than a century on the Galapagos Island of Pinzon, until a small group of the tiny, shelled youngsters were spotted this year... This is huge news for a species that has been struggling to survive for a century, relying on humans raising young tortoises bred in captivity until they are large enough to not fall prey to rats and predators...

"The incredible eradication of rats on this island, done by the park service and others, has created the opportunity for the tortoises to breed for the first time," he added. 
Photo via The Dodo.


  1. Great news! ooks we're finally undoing some of the harm we've done to nature.

  2. Philosophically speaking, why should we be more concerned with the Galapagos Turtle than we were the Galapagos Rat? Why is is immoral to introduce new species to an area?

    Will no one mourn the extermination of the Galapagos Rat?! Just think what he might have been with many millenniums of isolation and time! :D


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