13 December 2015

I am a nemophilist

Surprised that I hadn't encountered the word before, I had to consult my OED, which cites usages dating back to the early 19th century.  The etymology is from a Greek word meaning wooded pasture or glade.  There is also adjectives nemorivagant ("wandering in woods") and nemorose ("full of woods") and nemorous ("woody" - dating to 1623).

Posted for some old friends with a garbin at Leech Lake.


  1. Cool, I never knew there was a word for us!
    cheers another phil

  2. :-) so, are you saying that disney screwed up when they titled the movie 'finding nemo' and then placed it all underwater? :-)


  3. Nice now I can title my Doings in the Forrest with this Word creation called 'Nemophilist'! THANK YOU 👍


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