22 December 2015

The Mercury (1938)

"Mercury was the name used by the New York Central Railroad for a family of daytime streamliner passenger trains operating between midwestern cities. The Mercury train sets were designed by the noted industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, and are considered a prime example of Art Deco design...

For the Mercury, he achieved a streamlined appearance by covering the exterior pipes, whistles, and other fittings in a smooth "bathtub" cowl. The sides of the cowl were cut away to show the driving wheels..."
Photo via imgur.


  1. talk about getting the design right - they look like they are moving while standing still.


  2. I bet that like the LNER Class A4 maintenance was a prob cowl his everything. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LNER_Class_A4_4468_Mallard


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