02 January 2008

A story written in the snow...

Animal tracks enter from the upper left. They terminate at the body print of the raptor....

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  1. This photo has been the subject of an extended discussion on reddit.com. Someone was able to track down what appears to be the original post of the photo:
    which indicate that the picture was taken in Alaska. The discussion at the original site suggests the raptor was a Great Grey Owl (wingspan 4.5 feet).

    I wondered about the absence of a "hole" in the snow at the capture site (having seen such in the backyard here in Wisconsin when hawks grab squirrels), but this comment may be relevant -

    And there would not have to be an "impact" mark in the snow, if the owl plucked the rabbit off the ground without fully landing. The wingprints would still be explained by the hard downstroke of the wings as the bird "pulled up" at the moment it grabbed the rabbit. The owl could have used the same "touch-and-go" technique that eagles and other birds routinely use to catch fish.

    Anyway, it's an impressive image.


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