02 January 2008

Offered without commentary

original data here.

best viewed in conjunction with this:

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  1. I find it interesting in the allocation of the 2006 US tax dollars that military still doesn't take the majority of the loot. If you look at the pie chart carefully, I still think social spending is higher. This includes Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, social programs, etc. If you were to go through each segment on the pie chart (excluding military and debt interest), I have a feeling you would find social spending to account for nearly 50% of the US expenses. At least that is what I have found when piling through various websites.
    In my opinion, the US federal government has one very important job to do--protect the citizens from foreign powers. Not protect the citizens from themselves. I have no problem with most tax money going to the military, setting aside the issue of whether the current war is right or wrong. That probably is a topic best reserved for another post.


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