05 July 2014

A supercut of actors looking at you

This is a tribute to the wink of complicity from the filmmakers to the audience when they make actors look straight into the camera. It is not a tribute to scenes where the fourth wall is broken (when a character addresses the audience directly), some clips in the video belong to that category but most of them don't cause it is not what we wanted to show.

There are 150 different clips (from 148 films) in this video, but at first we had selected more than 200 films. We left out dozens of scenes on purpose, cause we didn't want a 15 minutes montage. For example, we decided not to include the "found footage" genre, cause everyone looks at the camera in this type of movies (like "Cloverfield"). And also musical numbers, where it's very common that the actors look at the camera while singing.
A list of the films with time tags is at the YouTube "about", but it's easier to just click on the "cc" (closed caption) button to reveal them during the video.

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