24 June 2013

"What shall we do tonight, dear?"

Maps showing an inverse correlation between television penetration and fertility rates in India.  I would presume the relationship exists not as a direct cause-and-effect, but rather a correlation based on social class, education, and income.

Via Fuck Yeah Cartography!


  1. You wrote it already: correlation != causation

    So important, one can't repeat that one often enough.

  2. Television is the black rat of modern western civilization. Wherever we land it runs ahead of us, spreads our ideas, and destroys indigenous ideas less fit for the modern world.

  3. Back when I worked in Munich I had a colleague who was born the same day I was but was already a grandfather at 40. This colleague had escaped from East Germany the hard way in the eighties. I asked him was there something in the water over there or what made people have children so early. He said 'You've obviously never seen East German TV"

    So "What shall we do tonight dear?" is not completely off the mark.


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