12 March 2011

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There's another "OED" - the "Omnificent English Dictionary (in Limerick Form)," in which word definitions are presented in the form of a limerick.  This is a crowd-sourced (very)-long-term project, but the early entries are quite entertaining.  Look up a word.

A statistician in Canada came up with a way to predict whether a scratch lottery card was likely to be a winner.  He calculated that he could earn $600/day using his method - but he earned more in his regular day job, so didn't pursue it.  But you might be able to use his methodology.

Valentine's Day is already past, but who cares!  You can still send your loved one a notice that a cockroach has been named after him/her.

A magician in China has an act which involves "synchronized swimming" by goldfish.  Some people think magnets are involved; other think the fish aren't real.  Video at the link.

The state of Maine has proposed naming the Whoopie Pie the state dessert.  Controversy ensues over whether a junk food should be so promoted.  Others say "we don't care, we like them."

Russian scientists are now promoting milking sturgeon for caviar rather than sacrificing the fish, which might increase the harvest (and lower the price) of caviar.  Recipes at the link.

The first dinosaur ever discovered was named "Scrotum humanum."  The picture at the link shows why.

Bach's Toccata and Fugue, played on a glass harp.  Beautifully ethereal music - highly recommended.

During the Great Depression, clamshells were painted in California and used as scrip in place of conventional money.  Photo at the link of a $1 clam.

A video from Austria shows a whirlwind lifting plastic sheeting from a farm field, and twirling it in a vortex.

The photo is what I dearly hope will be the last winter image of the year - our front yard after last week's dump of snow.  The first robins arrived yesterday, and crocus sprouts are poking through the grass in the front yard.  It won't be long now...

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  1. I watched the whirlwind video with the sound off and the glass harp still playing. Quite a lovely combination! Thanks. I hope you have a productive and rejuvenating break.


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