26 January 2008

rice resonating with sound frequencies

I had posted this back in January with a link to what I believe is the original site, but their code was apparently defective, and the video didn't play well for some visitors to TYWKIWDBI. I've subsequently found a better copy on YouTube (embedded above).

The phenomenon is fascinating, and of course best appreciated with your computer's sound on on (and probably with dogs excluded from the room...)

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  1. Hey, Stan -

    Steve (bigalemc2) from AWS here.

    This phenomenon is called 'cymatics', and was researched a LOT by Hans Jenny last century. Wikipedia has an article on it. On there it says that Galileo and Robert Hookes (Newton's nemesis and a co-founder of The Royal Society and one of my heroes) did the earliest work in this area.

    I intuitively sense that this kind of 'form from vibrations' is behind the following:
    1. Crop circles
    2. The formation and structure of the universe
    3. The formation of atoms
    4. The formation of genes, cells and even macro organs

    I use the term 'intuitively' because I do not have the specific scientific background to have a real, informed, opinion on this, but do still claim enough knowledge about these subjects to sense when a phenomenon has potential to explain certain things. I WISH I had the wherewithal to study this. I believe it will open up vistas in science that are not even on the horizon right now.

    I have had some mind-expanding glimpses - the kind that seem like they might explode my head - when thinking about what the repercussions of this phenomenon are.

    I learned about harmonics a bit about 35 years ago, and since then have become certain that vibration, harmonics and resonance are fundamental creators of the physical world around us and in us, MUCH MORE than gravity - which I see as a resultant of some subtle vibratory reality. I have some of the mechanics of the above assertions sketched out, but each one of them would be a life's work for even a well-funded researcher.

    ...It is not about cymatics, but a great read I would recommend if your mind goes in these directions is "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot, and available in paperback on Amazon.


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