16 January 2008

Crime Wave grips Montana

A man on West Babcock Street complained to police about a person accusing him of pointing his finger at a person.
A woman on Bridger Drive intentionally walked over her boyfriend's new couch with muddy feet. She was cited for criminal mischief.
A deputy offered a man walking along the frontage road a ride home. The man stated that we should all become liberals. He refused the ride.
A person on Doane Road reported finding a suspicious substance in a tea pot. The substance appeared to be buildup from hard water.
A man on West Main Street told police that another man threw orange juice into his car. The man who threw the orange juice said the other man swore at him. Both men were warned.
A juvenile girl was driving down Babcock Street and saw a spider on her window. When she tried to kill the spider, she swerved to the left and struck a parked vehicle.
A person on Gallatin Road reported a duck at large. The person was worried that the duck might cause a traffic accident.

These and hundreds more are collected at The Best of the Bozeman Chronicle Police Reports. (Credit to J-Walk for posting the link this morning).

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