21 April 2024

Bicycles storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day

I don't remember seeing this in the movies.  This is one of a series of interesting images of Bicycles of World War II at The Atlantic.  Here are a couple more (the first shows bicycles with mounted machine guns):

Details and photo credits at The Atlantic.


  1. The British gave bicycles to one infantry company in each assault battalion to be used to exploit from the Normandy beachhead in the general direction of Caen. This proved impossible in light of the German defence, so they handed them in almost as soon as they landed.

  2. Breaking my lurk status to suggest the tangentially related story of Gino Bartali, one of the true greats of road cycling and one of Italy's most famous men during the interwar period. I won't ruin the amazing story by attempting to replicate it in comment form, but he is the only man to be both a legendary cyclist and also Righteous Among the Nations.

  3. Bicycles can be very efficient in getting large groups from one place to another, as Mark Twain demonstrated in A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court.


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