16 April 2024

How quickly can a chicken cross the road? Updated.

A very interesting and entertaining portrayal of the speeds of various birds on land and in the air.  There are lots of surprises (vulture, pheasant, pigeon!)  Go ahead and click the fullscreen icon; life is too short not to enjoy things to the max.

Reposted from last year to add this comparison video of terrestrial animals:

Via Neatorama, of course.   From the video site you can also click to a similar video of aquatic life.


  1. Good video. And, yeah, those pigeons!

  2. Gosh, no wonder they're called Swifts.

  3. I was more surprised by the speeds of the slowest flyers. I knew about the fast ones.

  4. I'm totally exhausted!

  5. I was prepared to be not very surprised by the pigeon because I once paced a flock at a steady 60 km/h for 2-3 km on my way into work. I thought that was impressive, but now I know they weren't even trying.


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