22 March 2024

Queen Anne style Victorian architecture

The Carson Mansion in Eureka, California
The house is a mix of every major style of Victorian architecture, including but not limited to: Eastlake, Italianate, Queen Anne (primary), and Stick.

More information at the mansion's website


  1. Back in the day you didn't have trucks and SUVs to overcome your insecurity.

    Disney wouldn't design such a mansion for fear it was over the top.

  2. It may be elaborate but it's not as bonkers as the Winchester House in San Jose, CA.

  3. Had to look that one up. Also hideous.

    But what's most upsetting is that both as just in the middle of a normal neighborhood. They're not hidden away in the woods, or on an estate like the Biltmore (which is also bisected by I-40) or any proper castle, villa or maison in Europe, but they just next to normal (oversized) other houses.

    That Winchester House is next to a normal condo on I-280 one exit from I-880. Barf.

    1. From Middle English hidous, from Anglo-Norman hidous, from Old French hideus, hydus (“that which inspires terror”): Extremely or shockingly ugly. (???)

  4. i'm British and an Architect and I'm gonna give a pass. We've done the same. (Brighton Pavilion) We call it wedding cake architecture; and I don't think it's trying to be anything more than it is. It self aware. At least I wouldn't call it a Mac Mansion.


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