27 March 2024

Good for her

I have pleasant memories of doing this once, decades ago, somewhere in the Boston area.  So glad to see this young woman keeping the sport alive; it's the feel-good story of the day.

With a tip of the blogging cap to John Farrier, for finding this gem and posting it at Neatorama.  


  1. My DH's lab got hooked on this in grad school in the Boston area.

  2. Bless her, but she mentioned a fiance. How long can she sustain the challenge?
    Can she take a day off to get married? Pregnancy would prevent servicing those machines very long.

  3. I love this. The best kind of bowling. Candlepin is still alive in Rhode Island in a few venues. A go-to place for us and our grandkids.

  4. The sibs and I from the Sherman area loved to bowl candlepin-style in Millers Falls, MA in the '50s-'60s with our grandparents.


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