02 March 2022

How to help the people of Ukraine

There is currently a massive worldwide effort to help the people of Ukraine in their resistance to Putin's aggression.  Countries are contributing weaponry, companies are shutting off commerce, and the world's financial institutions are aggressively imperiling the Russian economy.  

For the individual wishing to do more than stand on the street with a blue and yellow sign, the easiest way to provide tangible assistance is through a financial contribution, but that means navigating a minefield of spurious organizations trying to find ones that are legitimate.  

Charity Navigator now has a page devoted to the Humanitarian Response to the Ukrainian-Russian Crisis.  One of my cousins searched Charity Navigator and decided to donate to World Central Kitchen, which is providing food to the fleeing refugees [noninteractive screencap above].  World Central Kitchen's Charity Navigator score is a perfect 100.

I forwarded that suggestion to an old high school friend living in Washington D.C., who works with NGOs; he responded that he had just donated to World Central Ktichen.  That convinced me, and I made my contribution to them this morning.


  1. Thanks for the information. There are so many scam organizations that pop up when there is a crisis so thank you for pointing out one that has an excellent rating.

  2. I am looking at the the link you provided for 'Humanitarian Response to the Ukrainian-Russian Crisis' and I do not see 'World Central Kitchen' on that list?

    1. You're correct. I was writing too fast this morning. What my cousin did was browse the Charity Navigator website, not search that particular link. I've amended the text accordingly. Tx.

  3. LOVE Chef Jose Andres, and his WCF ~ great man, great organisation!

  4. Good info. Thanks!

  5. I've donated to WCK in the past and did so this week as well as to UNICEF because they provided an option to designate my donation specifically to help the children of Ukraine. I spent quite a bit of time reading articles and Charity Navigator to try to make an informed, responsible choice.

  6. I've been donating to WCK since the start of the pandemic. Jose Andres is an angel. Get that man a Nobel Peace prize for feeding the hungry.

    The philosophy is that whenever there is a disaster, there are always out-of-work cooks and farmers around. So, Jose puts them to work to feed the hungry with balanced, healthy and fresh meals, instead of flying semi-military means from far away as the Red Cross does.

    When the lockdown hit DC, he tuned Nats Stadium in a giant food kitchen staffed by locked out restaurant staff and feeding everyone out of work.

    This is the principle he applies everywhere: Get locals to use local supplies to feed locals. It's incredibly effective. After hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico, WCK was feeding thousands of people before the Red Cross had even set up shop. The locals are there, the kitchens are there, the food is there, generally all you need is money to pay everyone and some organization to get started. Best thing: the money stays local and gets people back on their feet.

  7. Jose Andres for president! I've never seen such effective support. He is amazing

  8. Thanks for the info! Donated and shared to my Facebook!


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