08 October 2020


This road in Hungary offers a great example of "patchwork" repair (although I'm puzzled as to why the patches tend to be rectangular, since potholes tend to be round-ish). Via.


  1. You'd have to cut-out the space you needed to repair to even it out first (like sewing a patch on a pair of jeans--the hole is frayed oval, but you need "good" fabric to sew the patch to). No sense in a bunch of roundish patched on a rectangular sidewalk.

  2. I was told years ago by someone that did pavements for a living that patches should have straight edges for better contact - hence a more secure patch that will last much longer. FWIW.

    1. I kind of suspected there was a practical reason like that, but I don't quite grasp what the underlying science involves. Tx, JFM.


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