28 June 2017

Trollpikken vandalized

Norway's famous "Trollpikken" (troll's penis) rock formation is no longer upright.  The evidence of vandalism is blatantly obvious:

"By Sunday more than 500 people had donated nearly 90,000 Norwegian kroner (£8,400) to fix the formation which is in Eigersund, south of Stavanger.

Police were looking for tips to find those responsible for the damage. A crime of environmental vandalism, classed as serious, can bring a prison sentence."


  1. Really? Strip mining is ok, but hurting a rock formation is punishable? Come on people, at least make an effort to help the starving people of the world before penalizing "vandals"; there are much bigger issues in the world than whether a rock formation is no longer standing.

    1. You might consider looking at the situation from the viewpoint of the townspeople of the neighboring communities, who may rely on tourists for a substantial proportion of their income.

    2. 'Really? Eating factory-farmed meat is okay, but deliberately punting puppies is punishable?'

      In one the destruction is malicious, in the other it's incidental.


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