17 June 2017

I agree with Donald Trump

I agree with Donald Trump (sometimes).  There... I've said it.

A couple readers of this blog have castigated me for relentlessly criticizing/mocking Donald Trump, but I don't blindly hate him.  Sometimes I even agree with him, as for example this Tweet he issued in August of 2014. 

Found at the TrumpcriticizesTrump subreddit.


  1. I've never found your posts to be unreasonable or vitriolic. They're not the blind hatred that you see a lot when politics is mentioned, most are just funny observations. I do appreciate you shutting down the comments section when things get nasty. Keep up the good work.

  2. For someone who dishes it out so easily, 45 has a remarkably thin skin.

    Sadly, he is a master magician. He distracts with tweets and contradictions, and while the press and public are chasing after that like a kitten after a laser pointer, he is destroying the functionality of government administration, and squandering America's good name.

    Also, too few people seem to notice that he is only reversing Obama policy. Nothing new has come out of the man. Nothing. This whole presidential run seems revenge for being mocked at the White House Correspondence dinner a few years ago.

    But, there is a bright side. You're not the UK. The next president can start cleaning up the mess 45 is making. The UK will not be able to backtrack on Brexit.

    1. But on the positive side, it has been said recently that no U.S. president has done more to unite Europe...

  3. Still better than bush, But guess what, I even supported that retard when he was president.

  4. IMHO, Trump makes Bush 2 look smart and Nixon look honest.


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