23 June 2017

Divertimento #129

And the third "gifdump"...

"Serves her right."

Clever rear window decal.

Sea lions are apex predators.  Don't turn your back on them (the girl was rescued unharmed).

How to make your dog happy in hot weather.

Oil on the racetrack.

Child magician does hidden ball trick badly.

HMB while I scramble down this cliff...

Homemade vortex cannon.

At my high school, a pep rally was just shouting "go team go."  The process has evolved.

Speedy duckling.

Shapeshifting lamp.

Baseball - an incredible way to strike out.

A mortar catapult.

An entire subreddit of chemical reaction gifs.  Put your safety glasses on.

Who ate the tater tots?

I feel sorry for this dog.  Hope he knocked the water bowl over.

Do not store your epinephrine pen in this box.

Oddly satisfying.

I must hide this Cheeto and save it for later.

A blind cat knows how to get down from his condo.

TIL that there is a subreddit for NO NO NO NO..... YES material.

Lady slows speeding residential traffic with a hairdryer.

Not sure how to describe this one.

Golf trick.

InnOcENt CaT gETs drAgGED iNtO HELL bY a DeMOn

Chipmunk escapes from cat.

Let's make a "human wheel."  WCGW?

Do NOT touch my eggs.

Cuttlefish masquerades as a hermit crab.

Cincinnati Reds vs. a pop fly.  Pop fly wins.

Pigeon carousel.

Be careful when you drive a car on a carpeted stage.

Dolphins create a "net" of mud to catch fish.

Justin Thomas makes an incredible putt at the recent U.S. Open.

It must have been fun practicing this routine.

Embedded images from a Guardian photoessay on Nabokov's butterfly art.


  1. Thanks, Stan, but I already spend too much time on Imgur as it is.

  2. Replies
    1. https://www.reddit.com/r/PeopleFuckingDying/comments/6gejuj/innocent_cat_gets_dragged_into_hell_by_a_demon/

      Try this one.

  3. Do you have any idea where that "oddly satisfying" geometry gif came from? I shared the image on Twitter. I'd love to share credit for it too, but can't find the original source. Thanks, for it and all the other great stuff you post!

    1. In view of the title I applied, it probably was posted (without original credit) in the Oddly Satisfying subreddit.


      You might have an interesting time scrolling back through the contents.

    2. According to this comment it was made by a certain Dave (more nice gifs on his Tumblr).


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