14 May 2016

Pets on board... the plane

An uplifting side-story to the reports of the recent devastation of Canadian wildfires:
Airlines generally have strict policies when it comes to flying with animals, but in the wake of the recent wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, some have broken their own rules. Canadian North and WestJet airlines have altered their policies to help local pets escape the devastation alongside their humans.

The massive fires have forced 80,000 residents to evacuate the city, some having just enough time to leave with their beloved pets in tow—never mind the regulation crates and carriers.

A shout-out to Canadian North and WestJet.  More pix at the link.


  1. Another shout-out from this dog lover.

  2. Not to belittle the results of the Fort Mac fire, but only 15% of Fort Mac burnt. The rest is still there, yeah, heavy smoke and ash and all, but it is still there. Most importantly, oil production has resumed.

    1. Perhaps is some media manipulation on the subject. I mean when it was last time to have a city in flames? People got bored with US elections, so that was the subject to flood them.

    2. Those numbers came from the Canadian media.

      > have a city in flames?

      The US had New Orleans and Katrina - not flames, but a city wide wipeout.


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