16 March 2016

Photoshop request fulfilled

Via Neatorama.


  1. I thought for sure she'd want acute angle.

  2. I have been against the idea of tattoos for ever.
    I thought I had engrained my dislike into the brains of my children, but my youngest, on the occasion of his 18th birthday (whence he did not need his parent's permission) had someone inject many dots of permanent ink into the skin of his arm.
    It is there forever now, or at least until he grows up and has a scar put there instead.
    It is like women (.. and men ?) who have the hair roots removed from their pubis mound, all very fashionable when one is maybe 19 years old, but time, tide and taxes (?) wait for no man or woman, and that same hairless pubis, or a 'Justice For All' tattoo, badly drawn as it is, will be a sad and sorry look.
    I appreciate your posting of that picture, it raises the spectre of poor spelling, etcetera, with the chance that many people will see it and educate themselves, just that little bit better.

  3. I often wonder what some of these tattooed people will look like when their skin starts to sag and get wrinkled.

    1. Perhaps being 90 with perfect skin that never saw the sun, or felt the bite of racing pavement, or felt the loving burn of an artist's needles does, in its own way tell a story (just not a very interesting one).

  4. I would consider those wings large, not small, but otherwise... nailed it!

  5. Good thing she wasn't making a wish from a djinn. She would have been in serious trouble.

  6. I suppose it is fitting to use her navel as the origin. Since in a way, it is.

  7. They never ask to photoshop a bigger selfie phone.


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