13 November 2013

Tilted-room sketches by Shaun Micallef

A sketch from The Micallef P(r)ogram(me).  And if you like that one, here's more:


  1. Red Skelton had one of these (as his character "Willie Lump-Lump," the drunk). In the sketch, Mrs. Lump-Lump has Willie's room rebuilt 90 degrees off (to teach her husband a lesson). For example, the bed was mounted on the left wall. Willie, totally blitzed, doesn't see anything amiss and tries his best to cope with the room.

    Alas, can't find a video of that right now.


  2. May we assume, 'Stan, from the lack of even the briefest of biographical information about Shaun, that people in your part of the world know that he is one of Australia's brighter comedic talents? His last series here, Mad As Hell, which featured a most talented supporting cast, was practically compulsory viewing because it was exceptionally witty at its worst and hilarious at its best. If any readers are interested, a quick search on youtube reveals quite a few short segments from it (but not full episodes, as far as I can tell, Alex)

    1. When I wrote the post I assumed that the vast majority of readers of this blog wouldn't know Shaun Micallef from Shaun of the Dead, which is why I put the link to his Wikipedia page in there.


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