16 June 2015

"The present is their only shared realm"

What would happen if you combined a nursing home with a preschool?

Via ViralNova, with a tip of the blogging cap to Kirsten.


  1. My great-grandma died when I was six (which is more years ago than I care to count). She had dementia, and things were hard for my Mum and Dad, who were her primary caregivers. But Nana and I had the best time together when she lived with us. Neither of us operated on an adult level at that time, and the fantasy play, the times in the garden, the dancing, the cuddles and the love I shared with her are something I still remember with enormous intensity and great happiness.

    Little kids and the very old have more in common than you might think; it's surprising that this sort of program isn't more widespread, because to me it makes perfect sense.

  2. Beautiful. What an idea.

  3. Infectious disease would pose a problem, you have both ends of the immune system spectrum - both are weak.

    This would work great in nice, clean homes that camera nice. Many care facilities are not someplace someone would want their child spending time in. Just the honest truth.

  4. It is common here in Austrian Kindergardens, the elderly are given the option to take part

  5. My mom lives in http://www.bridgemeadowsapts.com/ which is similar. It's a great idea.


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