18 June 2015

Charleston newspaper the morning after the mass shooting

The sticky ad on the front of the Charleston Post and Courier promoted $30 shooting sessions at the ATP Gun Shop and Range in nearby Summerville.

The Post and Courier apologised on Facebook after images of the advert appeared on social media, explaining that it was a “regrettable coincidence”.


  1. It's the south. They're still flying the confederate flag.

  2. As much as that ad might offend some (many?) people, it had already been paid for, and scheduled to be attached to that day's edition of the paper. It is possible that they tried to contact the advertiser, and delay the run, but it was merely for a shooting range. Not as if they were promoting murder. A lot of people regularly target practice to keep their skills sharp. Having said that, I am NOT in favor of gun ownership, but I recognize that a lot of people hunt, or feel the need to have a gun for protection.

    1. Well , it triggered my fibromyalgia anyway .


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