18 May 2015

The bow for the octobass needs "lots of horsehair"

More on the instrument here.


  1. that sounds like... a cat, purring!


  2. The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) is an overlooked wonder in Phoenix, AZ. To anyone visiting in the area, I urge them to go and plan to spend at least 4 hours. Musical instruments and exhibits from every country in the world, with sample musical pieces at each exhibit, along with videos. Instruments collected by type in other halls. Downstairs, styles of music are also represented- jazz, classical, rock, rap, country... one of Ella Fitzgerald's gowns. Native American music. Sheet music from Broadway musicals, Johnny Cash's guitar, banjos, the first Steinway. I visited in January, not expecting to see and hear so much. Hours were spent in the hall of African music before realizing that the Asian and European halls awaited. This museum deserves national attention. If you have the opportunity, go.


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